“I’d rather have a horse. A horse is at least human, for God’s sake.”

A quote by J.D. Salinger that made me laugh!


I ended up riding on Tuesday (my dressage lessons are now every other week instead of each week due to $$$ saving on my end) and I also feel like the progress I’m making required the efforts of two lessons a week, and now I can take a step back to less-often dressage though still often jumping.


I was feeling kind of tired on Tuesday, but was determined to make a good go of it. Even though the jumps have been tempting me in the arena (ok, so i’ve jumped almost every day I rode..ha) I said to myself – no, today is flat work exercise.

And luckily Oats pretty much agreed with me, though I think he was just glad I wasn’t doing  a full dressage lesson-those are TOUGH! My knee was starting to hurt, and that sucked…But our transitions were not terrible, he was quite forward which was great! Our lateral work, well, as always a work in progress but I was pleased with his efforts at the trot and minimal hissy-fit behaviour. Look at Oats, doing mild lateral work with a relatively pleasant attitude.

He’ll never be a dressage superstar, but he can do it–it’s only in his mind that he holds himself back.

I rode briefly with another young girl at the barn, and I was glad I was there–her leased horse, a younger TB, spooked rather violently when he was mounting and there she was–hanging off the side of the horse while he bolted! He made it like 3-4 steps and she was clinging to his neck, and then she stepped down and he stopped. PHEW! Scary eh?

Because Oats is a saint, he just stopped and watched.

I think the horse was just fresh, feeling his oats and gave her a bit of a jump. Still, when I was heading up to the barn after riding, I asked her if she was feeling comfortable, and if not, to come up with us. She said she was fine, but the horse’s energy rose the minute we were leaving, so elected to join us. Better safe than sorry, and there is always another day to ride!

I was glad she made that decision. Smart one.

Jump lesson tonight–and I’ve been feeling not-great lately, was even glad to not ride yesterday and ended up napping in the evening, feeling crummy. So, whooo knows?!


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