Gymnastics revisited- with a twist! (hint- it’s canter!)

After Tuesday, apparently Oats wasn’t feeling well because he seemed quieter than usual and didn’t have too many poops- I was concerned, but he seemed ok but very quiet in my lesson on Thursday.

We’re back in the indoor, which is kind of Oats’ kryptonite for ‘going forward’ business…

Photo from 2012. Have we improved?

Photo from 2012. Have we improved?

He feels very slow, very quiet and kind of like yeah yeah whatever…Just not super excited to do his job, like he sometimes feels in the outdoor. Nevertheless, we warmed up over poles and then moved into our job- canter poles. I sometimes don’t like them because *gasp* they expose our canter weaknesses– him falling behind my leg, not balancing well, or me grabbing back or trying to ‘lift’ him over the poles.

Another oldie

Another oldie

The poles went well, and then they were eventually turned into x-rails- 2, with the poles inbetween the rails, so it went pole-x-rail-pole-xrail-pole. And Oats was actually pretty close to nailing the exercise, we definitely screwed up a few times but nothing that scared me or made me particularly worried.

Then, it was time to string together a small course. The canter gymnastics, to the green brush box on the diagonal, and then to the small x-rail (in a part of the arena that was soooo dark, so the x-rail was small!).

We schooled that a few times and he was quite good! He did suck back though to the green box, gave it a pretty hard look too, haha. His energy level just wasn’t as high as it is when he’s galloping forward in the outdoor, and this is something we have to adjust for, I suppose…

We then strung together the small fences and the gymnastic into a longer course- 9 fences with 1 cutaway line to see how I could influence his lead…And I did! He then flopped over the green box on the diagonal line, was getting tired and sucking back, hence the clumsy effort.

We ended on that note- it was very tempting to take a break and then keeping going, but I didn’t want to stress Oats out by pushing too much yesterday. We ended well, and I was happy with his mostly cooperative efforts. A fun exercise, and a good one for us. Not too anxiety-inducing at all, which is strange for me–usually I’m like, worried when it comes to gymnastics. I guess the heights were so low it kind of felt like eh, yeah sure…



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