“Don’t do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts.”

Dressage lesson recap:

In short, better than last week but still quite a challenge.

We worked on some brief lateral work to get Oats listening and get him to pay attention to my aids, rather than flipping his head around and fluffing up and down with me. It was only when I ‘got serious’ about it – and frankly, kind of annoyed and mad- did he settle and go, oh ok mom!



In his defense, I’m pretty sure he had a nasty bot fly basically hassling him my ENTIRE ride, because when I got off, there it was, buzzing around him and when I was brushing him off, he was freaking covered in bot fly eggs?!!

There must have been an effing thousand of them? It took a good long while to painstakingly scrape them off my poor horse. Jesus. I did manage to kill the freaking thing though- it was the only option, as it would not leave Oats alone!

I have NEVER had a problem with bot flies before this, and now, in the span of 1 lesson, he was covered in the eggs. SHeeeeesh!

Anyways, that may have contributed to his fizzy attitude towards work…He just seemed quite reactive, a bit sparkly and jazzy and he DID NOT want to cooperate at times. Hilariously, when we were doing a bit of side-pass, Karen said ok a few more steps and then straight- and Oats going fabulously! Until she said that and he immediately started flipping his head, and going backwards.


So, we had hit his limit for side pass steps, apparently!

We had to return to this exercise a few times when he felt like he could blow through my hands/aids at the trot and start being a little twit. It was a way to bring him down, get him focused, and then go back to the trot exercise, and for me, it felt like a good way to not ‘buy into’ his drama when he was getting antsy and prancy.

So, we did end up getting some really nice stretchy trot work, but not without a lot of work on mine and Oats’ part–though I have to say, it took less time and a lot less work than last week, sooo…Success?? Ha.

At least I didn’t have to canter/gallop him in a ‘must outlast’ test of endurance. Now that lesson, I did not want to have a repeat of, hahaha.


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