They want the world to be as simple as they are

A slice from a quote by Tim Kreider, who’s book of essays I am currently loving: We Learn Nothing and highly recommend…

But anyways, recap of my jump lesson last night. I started off not in a great head space- Oats was kind of being a spooky twit about the far right corner again and I was just getting fed up and frustrated.


My trainer came out, and we addressed the spooky corner calmly and thoroughly, and she reminded me that it’s not about getting frustrated or mad, it’s about learning to handle it. So true! I wasn’t sure what kind of mindset I’d be in for jumping and as it turned out, that is totally fine.

Always start with trot poles in a grid

We worked through a gymnastic line and the funniest thing? How ‘ok’ I felt about all of it?!!

Trot through- yep that felt fine.

Add 1 cross-rail- yeah that’s ok too.

Add a 2nd cross-rail. Sure why not.

Canter over a brush box in three strides after the first two x’s. Got it.

Start working at ‘getting GO!’ from Oats by using my crop behind my leg in the three-strides. Sure! I can jump one-handed no problem!

Add in a 1-stride after the brush-box vertical. Go for it, yeah!

And then gradually add in the fences

And then gradually add in the fences

Who is this person and where did she come from?

And we even raised the jumps- first time felt very ”interesting” haha and Oats had a few knockdowns as I think even he was surprised at having to pick up his feet higher than oh, x-rail or 2ft height…

And each time I felt like, yeah ok sure. Why not! No frenzied panic, no rush of adrenaline, just…yep, got this.

By the end, I was jumping through the gymnastic with some of the fences at 2’4” (my best guess, they didn’t look high though), one at 2’6” maybe and one at around 2’9? AND I was even doing it one handed! Crazy eh? Ha, except Oats had a wicked right drift in the one-stride…Almost took out the standard.

From last summer- Yeeahaw!!

From last summer- Yeeahaw!!

Lesson for us- next time we do this and I am riding one-handed with a distinct lack of steering, we will put up placing poles in a big ‘V’ to guide Oats haha.

This time though? My takeaway- I CAN DO THIS! Yes I can! And I didn’t even get a big adrenaline rush, it just felt…fine.


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