Off to the rodeo!

Tomorrow we’re heading off to the Calgary Stampede (well, just Calgary at this point, the rodeo on Wednesday) and Spruce Meadows and Drumheller!

I can’t wait! I’m due for a bit of a holiday I think…

Oats will either sit or he will get some rides by my friend, I have offered if she wants to take him out. I’m fine either way and so is he. We can be flexible that way. AND today is my six-year anniversary of being married, and Oats and my five year anniversary. Boy does time ever fly.

Didn’t ride last night as I was out visiting with friends who were in town and wow, it was smoking hot out. Had a terrible time sleeping (rotten insomnia!!) that has been plaguing me for a few weeks now. Probably going for a ride tonight, but not sure how intense given how hot it is. This is quite unusual for us West-coasters, we’re more of the cool breeze types. I do love the heat, but find it hard to acclimatize well to it.

And then it’s packing and off to Cow-Town!

Spruce Meadows

Calgary Stampede


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