Yeeeeehaawwww~ Happy Canada Day and other shenanigans

Where was I?

Right! Here’s an Oats update from the weekend, my dressage lesson, yesterday and beyond!

Had a great jump lesson last Thursday, then my friend took Oats out on Friday to do some ringwork and a walk around the block and he was good for her! Another friend worked him in the ring for me on Saturday so I could watch and see what kind of issues cropped up (it was super informative and I enjoyed watching), and then we had our counselling session.

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

It was allll good!

Didn’t ride Sunday, because by that point Oats had been going for a solid 5 days straight! I rode in the field Monday and he was pretty good, fought a bit about contact on the right but nothing big.

Dressage lesson indoors on Tuesday and it was a bit of a rollercoaster, haha. The good: his leg-yielding has gotten LEAPS AND BOUNDS better! Wow. From the push-pull-tug of our miserable lateral movement to the ‘yes ma’am’ of sideways…I’m very impressed. It was great.

The not so good: I’m not going to call this bad, because it’s a step in the learning process…His dolphin leaping/plunging that he does when he finds getting the contact at the trot difficult. I did get frustrated and shouted out ‘Feels like I’m riding a freaking carousel horse!!’ but I never got to the fear stage that I was at last week. It just felt…Well kind of silly! And we just kept at it, and we did get past some of it. It is a process.

Anyways, I was sweating buckets but felt pretty decent about the lesson. Some good, some things to work on.

I fight you!

I fight you!

Flash forward to Canada Day and we spent the whole day relaxing at Cowichan River, just me, the dog and husband (and an assortment of crayfish, frogs and toads). What a lovely day, and wonderful memories. To top off the day spent swimming at the river, we got huge ice creams at Ice Cream Mountain! Yum! They were melting insanely fast.

Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad

I then was going to reschedule a jump lesson for Wed (Canada Day) because I’m going out for dinner with friends visiting from Whitehorse on my lesson day, but my trainer wasn’t feeling well, so instead we…GALLOPED in the big field!!! Yeeeeehawww.

Not enough to eat

Not enough to eat

Of course looking at the video later is hilarious, because Oats is barely doing a bigger canter…But it FELT big! hahahah. It was exhilarating, my friend and her thoroughbred were galloping, and so was pony and I!

Good days, good days.


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