The Tape Breaker- MEC half marathon recap!

I know what you’re thinking- another half marathon? Did you even enjoy the first one?

The truth? Not really!

The other truth? I wanted to do better! To challenge myself, and to quite frankly, not have to deal with the hit-and-hurry feeling of another 10k. My lungs can’t take it, haha. So, awhile back I signed up for the el-cheapo MEC Tape Breaker half marathon, held at the Sooke Potholes on the Galloping Goose.

Victorious! It's a hot one.

Victorious! It’s a hot one.

My husband reluctantly signed up with me and our friend too (maybe reluctantly?). We had a BUSY Sat/Sun this past weekend-

  • Oak Bay Tea Party Parade,
  • Gidget gets a hair cut,
  • I do another equine wellness counselling session- and have an emotional response?
  • We attend a dinner-dance fundraiser for my former boss, who passed away last year due to complications from living with an eating disorder. It was a fun night!
  • And…a half marathon on Sunday! hahah.

And how this the half go? Surprisingly well, considering my legs felt like total shit the week before. I was worried…Until we started cruising on the track and I got into the groove. The trail was GORGEOUS. It was a very hot day, but we were mostly in the shade thank god. I grabbed water at every water station, and was still thirsty! My husband set an ambitious pace- I was keeping up well until the turnaround at 13k, and then I felt super grouchy and like I was struggling a bit. Then at the turnaround, we grabbed Clif Shots (gummis for energy) and some more water and I felt revived!

Race time- photo courtesy of MEC Jennifer Latham

Race time- photo courtesy of MEC Jennifer Latham

The next few kms flew by, I felt good, life was good! The other runners were so friendly, we were all encouraging each other.

A flower for Ian

A flower for Ian

Until…running up to 17km, my good vibes fell out the window and all of a sudden the kilometres started stretching out… Way out…

I was like where the EFF is 17km?? I was getting tired, my legs were starting to feel like they didn’t belong to my body anymore and my lungs were even starting to burn a bit? I guess that’s due to the increased pace. I was thirsty, and feeling crabby. The gravel was starting to hurt my feet! (I was even complaining that my feet felt like hamburger, haha).

The stretch between 17-21km was certainly looooooooong. At 19km, my legs kind of wanted to stop working. I slowed down. I cranked at my husband for ‘going too fast’. I grabbed some more water at the 19km station- and was soo glad it was there.

I wanted to walk SO HARD.

MEC race near the finish- photo courtesy of Jennifer Latham

MEC race near the finish- photo courtesy of Jennifer Latham

But, we were so close! I was almost there!

Somehow my legs kept moving, even though it seemed to me that some nasty troll was probably moving the kilometre markers further away with every step. And then, we turned around a corner and out of the woods- the FINISH LINE!


I finished not strongly. Rather, at a slow jog because that was all I was capable at the moment. But hey, we finished! And, thanks to my husbands pace-setting, we also got a good time for us- 1:54:40!!! Our first half was at 2:05, so hey not too shabby eh?

Oh and the best part? Hanging out in the Sooke Potholes afterwards!!!! Most amazing post-race chillout ever. What a beautiful weekend, and what fun.



I want to bottle these good vibes, and share them forever- to take me out of dark days, or dark times…To this soundtrack, which I am super into right now: Gosh by Jamie XX.


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