Backwards love

Lesson recap! We had an audience yesterday 🙂 and I enjoy having folks around, because it helps me- I find when I am riding dressage I get distracted easily, and kind of start screwing up. I want to have an audience more often, so I learn how to handle ‘eyes’ even if they aren’t necessarily watching me- every little bit helps.

More cooperative over the poles- from last summer.

More cooperative over the poles- from last summer.

We worked on some lateral movements in a circle- figure eight; haunches in and then shoulder in. We struggled some with the shoulder-in movement, and then wonder of wonders, our haunches in was really nice. Go figure! The biggest thing I am seeing, is that his willingness to do lateral movement is REALLY improving. Every week we work on a little bit more, and every week I am seeing improvement.

Then, a bit rougher. Trot work was…ok. Not groundbreaking. He was moving forward nicely but heavy on my inside hand, and I felt him wanting to really lean, lean, lean on me. We did some counter-bend to counteract that.

And then…dun dun dun…the canter. Now this, a definite mixed bag. We really screwed up the canter down the long side, he was spooky and we basically fell out of canter, I had his head -cranked- to the inside defensively and I just couldn’t deal!

Oats protests bending at the canter- last summer.

Oats protests bending at the canter- last summer.

We then brought it back to a controlled circle at the top end and sorted it out better. The transition to the right was tricky- he would pop his head up, and I felt worried? Like maybe he was ramping up for naughty behaviour? But he wasn’t! I was just used to rising up to meet his head coming up, and instead, by sitting and staying low, his head came up and I was like…WTF?

Anyways, it was all right. The left was definitely better, ha. We ended the lesson with some over the back trot work through to the spooky side, and he was good. Not amazing, but generally trying for me. I can appreciate a good try!


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