Mr. Oats VS me VS dressage

No clear winner on this one…

After we skipped our dressage lesson this week, I kind of figured we were in for an ‘interesting’ one this week- Oats is one who does thrive on consistency apparently, and while taking time off helped jazz up our jumping efforts, it does not do a lot for our flatwork!

We worked again on head-to-wall leg yields with actually ok results going to right (and then flopped bigtime trying to do them on a circle- Oats just kept following Chanel around instead of doing the work..). But to the left? YUGH. Minor hissy-fit, backing up, stalling out, throwing his head around. It was not so pretty.

We moved on to a big, bangin’ trot and that was good. He was still kind of fighting the bend a bit, and every time I asked for ‘more’ he was like, oh ok, more canter. Not ..quite…This cues into him lifting his head which tells me that he is getting his ‘go’ power from his head/neck, rather than his behind!

It was pretty tough and I kind of lost my temper a bit when I was like why are you NOT COOPERATING?!!! But, we did manage to make it sort-of and we got some nicer steps on the left.

Canter- well, canter is nothing to quite write home about yet. We worked on a tighter circle and I got a stern ‘ride like you MEAN IT!‘ which is true I was kind of phoning it in a bit…Haha. In my excuse- I am an excuse making machine- but I have a cold still and was suffering from excruciating hand and hip flexor cramps. OUCH.

He did get some lovely canter going large right up until we broke abruptly into trot. Turns out I can’t keep lovely going that long! haha.

So- while it feels a bit like we didn’t make any progress, I guess we are still making some? Also he is learning how to handle pressure much, much better. Now THAT is progress!


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