Mr. Oats is a good pony

He didn’t get a lot of work this week- I had the David Sedaris reading when I normally have my dressage lesson, and then he got tranqued (almost wrote tanked!) on Wednesday to get clipped, so it was just a mega-fast ride on Tuesday and then my lesson on Thursday so far this week!

Oats from 2012-think we've progressed?

(I’m not going to lie- any sort of change in schedule makes me feel SUPER ANXIOUS.) Like, I’m only comfortable with a total break in schedule when I am physically out of the province or something on holidays. Curiously, this applies to my gym-going at lunch- MUST GO. And being at the barn with Oats. MUST GO.

If I can’t, and I am still at home doing something else- I feel weird, anxious, worried.

Another oldie- photo by Jodie

I shouldn’t have been worried though- Oats was so good! Cooperative, willing to go forward (not always his strong suit) and jumping very nicely. Me on the other hand- needs some work! haha.

We worked on cantering with my hands pressed against his neck in two-point with the purpose of staying very still, and then trotted and cantered a warmup crossrail. We then moved to a small oxer at canter, and then strung together a small course.

I was not feeling great (turns out I have a mild cold or something that causes tiredness, coughing up gross stuff and insane night sweats and day sweats…) so I kept it short and fairly easy with lots of walk breaks. But, I was still challenged!

I wanted to do a lot with my hands, and let my hands act as my legs by mistake – trying to yank Oats around a corner, causing him to bulge out, getting us to the jump sideways…

And it’s funny yet AGAIN I saw the jumps set up, and was like hmmm I want to be a bit worried about them (particularly the warm up oxer) but when we ended up working up to it…I didn’t even have anything to say! HA hahah.

Good: Getting more pace, most distances worked out, our best jump was the small oxer I was initially afraid of warming up. Bravery is getting better but still can be further developed. Visualization is good so far.

Needs work: Straightness again, landing on my feet and not in a heap, too-busy hands and stop trying to let my hand do the work around corners. Keep pace going, don’t let it slack off. Do more two-point and don’t sit back and drive- use legs/crop!


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