Newsflash- Mr. Oats is no longer a lateral superstar

Yes, he’s had to relinquish his crown, as he was definitely on the tougher side of shoe leather yesterday to get to ‘move laterally’ as it were! ARGH.

Looks can be deceiving!

Looks can be deceiving!

Karen remarked that Oats had a sparkle in his eye and I was like, yeah I bet…A sparkle of naughty behaviour! Ha! He was pretty jazzy at the walk, like pushy and rude and didn’t want to go-over in the against-the-wall leg-yields. He pushed, he pulled his head up, he tried to charge off, oh Oats.

And then we worked it off in the trot and this is the thing I really liked about the lesson- we didn’t spend too long getting worked up about anything- it was leg yield at trot, come into a 20-metre circle at ‘A’ for some light canter work (mostly transitions because frankly our track SUCKED OUT LOUD for some reason, hahah) and then back to leg-yields using bend and then counterbend, and back on a circle, etc.

So, it was very productive even if Oats was a tad…obstinate and a tad wiggly. My foot got banged against the walls of the arena ALL LESSON! I was starting to feel like he was trying to scrape me off on purpose, jeeeeze. Karen assured me he wasn’t trying to bang me into the wall on purpose though, even if I had my suspicions- he was just wiggly trying to find his balance and ‘rocking’ around a bit against the wall and my foot!

Weak points include keeping the track at the canter to the right- definitely still not where we want to be at this point, as I was keeping him counterbent just to make the outside track happen. Also our lateral work can generously be defined as ‘in progress…’ left lead canter was better, as was his attitude towards group cantering, meaning I didn’t get charged off with or bucked off when we had to canter in a circle with our fellow lesson-mate.

I am canceling my dressage lesson next week as I have an evening with David Sedaris coming up! YEAH!!

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