Bikini Bodies

Beach time

Beach time

While I’m away on holidays, I remembered seeing a young woman at the beach a weekend ago playing frisbee with a guy.

Nothing about her was particularly memorable…Except her weight.

She was stick thin. Horrible. It made me cringe, seeing her expend energy playing frisbee on a hot day, when her bikini was barely staying on her incredibly protruding hip-bones. 

She looked exactly like my friend and mentor who died of a life-long eating disorder. 

I find it really hard to see people live like that, knowing that someone I cared for a lot died that way, quite recently. Nobody is that naturally thin. Nobody.

She looked like a woman in one of my workout classes in university, who would go double-hard when we were taking step classes, never stopping when we got a break to catch our breath or grab a drink. She would keep going, her skinny arms pumping, her scrawny thighs stomping up and down the steps. She looked like a walking skeleton.

I feel like if we saw animals (our pets) who looked like these women- we would freak out! Call the SPCA! Someone is starving these animals. Why are we not like this for ourselves? 

This young woman on the beach caught eyes from all directions- but because we felt sorry for her.


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