Throwback Thursday: Old man Ardie

This old dude, he was such a nice horse. A bit on the stiff side, and did paddle on occasion, but he was a very nice horse and very frequently got mistaken for a warmblood (just look at him, he’s a giant!). I leased him from his owner when I lived in Burnaby. He lived at the Burnaby equestrian centre, run by the Burnaby Horsemen’s Association. I have very fond memories of that place. They used to host small schooling shows in the spring and fall, I believe? I went to one with Ardie and had a BLAST!


Cantering him was sometimes like riding a washing machine- whoomp side-to-side and not fast at all but he took me to my first high point award in a local hack division and I loved that winning feeling!

Here’s to you, old man! I hear he is now enjoying retirement while his owner works with some younger horses. In his day, he was quite the dressage superstar.

Horse show in Burnaby

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