Chocolates Chocolates Chocolates!

I was wondering what I should ask my husband for my birthday, and nothing (except the obvious: spend more time with me at horse shows, a nice pair of riding gloves) was really coming to me…Except now I remember. Chocolate!

I LOVE Purdy’s chocolates. My favourites are the ginger chocolates in milk chocolate and dark, and the peanut-butter salted chocolates. Yummm!

I’m lucky we have Purdy’s locally, but when I visit my hometown in Ottawa, they’ve never heard of them. That’s about to change though- I hear a new one is opening up for the first time. Laura Secord, you have some competition.

A friend of mine loves Purdy’s too, and in particular the salted caramel chocolates. When she got very sick, right around her birthday, we visited her and our friends brought her some salted caramel chocolates. She was recovering from a pretty serious illness and had a spinal tap and a hospital stay. Those salted caramel chocolates made her day!

So, if my husband is reading this- some chocolates would be nice 🙂


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