Who needs Who?

So, weekend recap: It was great! Had a weekend to enjoy the sun, as we are having a bit of a mild heatwave here (heatwave on the West Coast- +25 deg) Yeahh!!

Saturday, I rode Oats and he was hot. He tried to test me a bit by balking and refusing to walk forward at the far end of the outdoor riding ring, but I defused by just being like, uh..no. You will walk forward, even if it is sideways. He got over it pretty quick.

We got some great canter work, and then schooled a diagonal line that we messed up in our lesson- the waves jump to the ‘road closed’ plank. He did it very well! 

Husband and I then went to Thetis lake with some floating air mattresses, and floated out to the small island. SO nice. Sublime…

The evening, we met up with friends for a small BBQ in Beaconhill park and played Bocce. A good way to end a beautiful summer day.

Sunday- busy day! I got up to run Elk Lake (haven’t done a 10k since the Times Colonist race!) and mannnnnnnn it sucked. My knee was bugging me instantly. So, a run turned into a 10k walk/limp and took freaking FOREVER.

Sigh. Guess it’s not going to heal and this may very well be my reality…Despite the foam rolling, the ‘short runs’ and stair work and the muscle-building exercises. Grragrrrh!

Brought clothes to change and some snacks and headed straight to the barn. It was getting HOT! I rode Oats in the indoor, because I was a bit afraid of getting heatstroke- I seem very prone to it right now, for some weird reason. He was pretty good, we worked on ‘gallop’ and bend/counter bend at the canter- and yes, it was tough. We were dripping with sweat!

Hosed him off, and me too, and then it was home again and off to the beach! I took my dog out, and then left her at home. Packed up my Kobo and set off to chillax at the beach for awhile. It was quite hot, I was like..Am I in danger of getting too warm? That almost NEVER happens here, hah.

I got home around 5pm after the beach. All in all, a very nice weekend.

(photo of Nemo jump- yes finallly, I told you I could figure it out- courtesy of the talented Sarah C.) 


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