All I ever wanted was more: Sasquatch 2014 edition

All I ever wanted was more: Sasquatch 2014 edition

Just got back late last night. Woah.

Three days out in the Gorge, enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Amazing… Hot weather, good friends, good times. I had an absolute blast, and it’s those important, memory-building moments that you can really cherish and look back on.

I went to Sasquatch years ago, probably about six years ago? And this time was so different- in a good way though. We camped this time, in a campsite near the venue, so we paid a bit more but it was SO worth it. As someone who isn’t really ‘into’ camping as a rule, it was fairly decent and very clean. Hot running water, clean outhouses, fairly quiet, nice folks running it and showers!! It was called the Wildhorse campsite. A good shuttle bus service to the venue as well.

And the shows? WELL! So good.

Foster the People– so slick this year! A real pleasure.
Cage the Elephant– raw and rockin. Surprised me how good they were. Check out ‘Aberdeen’ for a great example.
Neko Case– only caught the last few songs, but she looked tough and ready go go go! My fav song of hers is ‘People gotta lotta nerve’
Washed Out– How is chillwave so rocking? It was amazing. Plus, Ernest Greene now looks a lot like my husband (both are cute!) How great is that!!
Naked and Famous– so adorable, so good. I love the lead singer’s hair!
White Seas– surprisingly good. The lead singer from Naked and Famous was standing near us watching too.
City and Colour– solid show. Romantic.
Cut Copy– Afterparty. Enough said. So good!
Astra– Nice, operatic voice
Violent Femmes– Have aged well.
Foals– good but didn’t play ‘Miami’ which in my mind the best one.
Chet Faker– started off shaky, but really improved. Soul food.

And my favourite of all? The National! Soooo… ethereal, powerful, strong. The lead singer even stalked off, left the stage, wandered through the crowd, over the fence. He then climbed over the fence again and crowd-surfed back up to the stage. It feels like every song they do, they do it with all their blood/sweat/tears. You can feel the passion, and the almost (well really) physical challenge of ‘performing’.


I also saw Outkast, but did not enjoy that show.


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