Throwback Thursday: More from Burnaby Horsemen’s Association

Throwback Thursday: More from Burnaby Horsemen's Association

Before I leased the big lunk Ardie and rode Starr, I leased Mickey. He was a very cute little pinto dude with a big attitude. Here he is investigating my hand- note this is in December I think? Man, the West Coast is awesome.

He was a fun ride and pretty full of himself. He loved to jump and had great flying lead changes. His owner moved him to a different facility after only a month or two, and I was pretty bummed out until she hooked me up with Ardie’s owner and the rest is history!

Mickey, you fun loving little guy! Hope you’re out teaching more riders how to jump or do a clean change. You were a blast to ride the short time I rode you.

I do think very fondly of my time riding over in Burnaby. The people could be kind of nutty but man they knew how to have fun!

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