Trouble Will Find Me

Trouble Will Find Me

Rode Oats yesterday, and we had some mixed results- I worked over a pole-five strides-skinny box, and he kept ducking out of the skinny box. Trotted up to it and he was sooo discombobulated, he stopped!

So, I had the teens at the barn set up wings for the skinny (it kept feeling like he couldn’t ‘see’ the jump very well?) And he was fine! Hmmm.

Worked on some canter-trot transitions on a circle again, and it was good. But…I wanted to capture that ‘power’ feeling I had the other day…That feeling that I was in control of his canter, that I could PLACE him at a jump any stride I felt like…I could see and feel when we were going to take off, and I could control it.

Sadly, that seems to be something that is quite elusive to me, but at least I was lucky enough to ‘feel’ it once so far! Maybe it’s a work in progress.

So, his canter work felt good, but I didn’t feel like I had nearly the same control, power and feel that I had on the weekend.

Oh and I am entered in two dressage shows, but last night I had a stress dream about showing over fences again? I LOVE jumping. Why I do I fear it?


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