Spring Fever?

Spring Fever?

My mom riding Oats a few years ago.

Oats was flying high the other day. Partly it makes me laugh, because he’s so amped up and raring to go, but also makes me feel nervous, because he can’t contain himself in his skin and WANTS TO BUCK SO BAD!

So, he did- buck that is. He tried to buck me off twice when we worked into the canter- once in each direction. I guess he appreciates symmetry? Everything you do with horses, you should do on each side. Not sure about the bucking though.

He was feeling sooooo good. And definitely decided to let me know about it! Head tossing, humping up and bucking. ARGH! I got after him, stayed on both times, and got some real work done.

I both hate and like when he’s amped, because then I have some actual pony to work with and can get canter work done without him balking or getting pissy off my leg (he loves this one) or threatening me when I crop him.

So we did a lot of canter work- circles, trot jumps, circle canter, canter through to bend/counterbend and he didn’t even try to swap on this one, which he can be counted on to do.

So that was nice! Despite his shenanigans earlier.

I think he has spring fever. And I didn’t ride Sunday (Buddy Holly day!) and shoot, didn’t ride yesterday, had a business meeting in the evening.

Tonight, before my lesson…I will be lunging Mr. Great Ball of Fire to get his yahoos out. (Note: this happens SO rarely for Oats, as his preferred gait is stop.)

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