Final word from Dave Freeze: High Performance

Final word from Dave Freeze: High Performance


In your pursuit of performance, how do you react to any mistakes? How does this affect your performance?

Use your lifelines:
1. Don’t react
2. Breathe
3. Chunking- break the course down in groups of 3’s. Memorize in groups of 3’s. Focus in groups of 3’s.
4. Made a mistake? Move on. Don’t dwell. It’s over! Next thing!

An ‘A’ athlete: likes themselves, is interested in the pursuit of excellence but doesn’t let perfectionism paralyze them.

Inner dialogue:
• Who do you listen to? The bad angel or the good angel? The more energy you give to bad thoughts, the more they will come up. Replace the bad habit with a good habit (positive thoughts).
• Tell yourself you’re going to be ok. ‘We’ll be fine’
• Tell yourself technical words: Need more leg at base
• Keep energy words: Keep it alive! Looking good! Keep it flowing
• Be confident.

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