Zen and the art of horseback riding

Zen and the art of horseback riding

The other day, I lost my temper with Oats.

I was ashamed and unhappy with myself. It had been a long time since that happened (I couldn’t really remember!) and I had hoped my bad behaviour had gone away for good.

I pulled him in angry circles, he was looking for a reason to misbehave because he was tired, and I just pushed.pushed.pushed. It wasn’t productive, and I got off feeling unhappy and bad for Oats.

I vowed that my next ride would be better. A ride that didn’t make me feel defensive and angry, that didn’t have me pushing Oats’ buttons all at once. I have an intensity issue sometimes–too much is too much though. I never have a problem of not riding–I have trouble knowing when to stop!

So, yesterday I went out with a more positive outlook. Oats was still looking to be a bit silly, but I figured- who cares? As long as we’re still having fun!

I also stopped doing the- ok that was 1 good canter transition- let’s try for 5 more game. Now THAT is unproductive! I had 1 and left it at that. I didn’t drill and I didn’t get annoyed.

I did hop over some crossrails without stirrups, to hilarious results. I don’t think Oats likes when I ride without stirrups though…Too much bouncing around or something!

So, I felt much more zen and happy about my ride and about Oats. I spent another hour at the barn with him, doing his least-favourite activity- mane pulling. Poor Oats! hahaha.

Riding lesson tonight, and I just want to continue on my happy riding streak.


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