I could be an astronaut (if Earth would loosen its grip on me)

Fun song from Youth Lagoon.

The funny thing about not rushing around day-to-day is that it allows you a moment to think, and thinking can be dangerous.

Yesterday I was so frantically busy and frazzled I couldn’t remember how to spell orange correctly (took me 3 tries?!) but I was feeling proud and accomplished.

Today I have time to think, and I am not happy with what I think about.

People who are workaholics aren’t working because they like to work. They work because being too busy to think (because you’re always at work?!) is a better option.

A good advice columnist put it this way: Do you think workaholics love work so much? Not really!

I’m feeling like a bit of a black cloud today, and I am trying to figure out where these feelings are coming from. A bit of a depart from my normally fairly happy existence. It’s weird…


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