Holiday Hangover

Holiday Hangover

Back to work today after a glorious holiday, and man, it does not feel triumphant.

We spent time in Panama City, and then 3 nights on the San Blas islands. This is a photo that we altered (put in a vintage tint) and the island is called Isla Diablo (Devil Island).

I ate seafood twice a day, and it was good and cheap and fresh. Caribbean lobster, ceviche made from Corvina and pulpo (octopus), Ian had Mahi Mahi, we ate conch and fish…Oh, the seafood makes my mouth water even now.

I miss being on holiday, the heat and the water. We snorkeled, swam and sunbathed. It was lovely. Ian got crabs in his tent (camping was EXTREMELY rustic) and I crunched one crab under my mattress. Oops!

We had other causalities too…I broke my expensive sunglasses and Ians too for good measure. Shit!

More photos to come!

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