Finding my ‘eye’

I sometimes struggle in the winter (and hell, summer) with motivation, particularly with wanting to jump. I love it, but it does scare me and I get anxious…And start not wanting to do it anymore.

After my horse show recently, I did a jumping lesson and then slowly started not wanting to jump, as I was feeling like I was ‘anticipating’ problems and it made me feel nervous.

So, what to do? I told my instructor I felt like I didn’t trust my ‘eye’…And it was making me feel anxious. 

We set up an exercise where she set up a pole, and drew a divot a foot or so in front of it. She said to walk up to the pole, and stop where the divot was dug–without looking down at it. So I had to ‘feel’ with my inner eye where to stop.

I stopped and she asked where I was–and I said I felt like the divot was ahead of me. I looked down, and we had completely nailed it.

We did it again, and I felt like I overshot it, and checked again. Nailed it.


There’s nothing wrong at all with my eye–I am actually extremely accurate?! It’s my brain that’s the problem. Ha.

We moved on to cantering two poles set 4 strides apart, and when we did it in-stride, Oats got 4 strides perfectly…So smooth and easy. We then set to collect it into 5 and damn, it was very difficult!

Oats was really sweaty, and it was way tough. Interesting! For me, it’s a way to work on more technical exercises without involving the drama of jumping- we’ll move on to setting up jumps in this exercise later, but for now, it’s interesting to boil it down a bit more. Oats was great! 


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