Another valley?

Another valley?

Oats had I had a flatwork lesson and I just felt. SO.frustrated! Our transition to canter sucked, he was behind my leg and I felt really…arghhhhh…I got pully on his mouth, my hip cramped up and I was super annoyed.

Sometimes the valleys/peaks scenario of riding can be really trying. I felt like he and I have really gotten better at cantering, and our upwards transitions, and then this happens? And I totally lose my cool.

I hate the valleys part of the learning process. Right now in my jumping I’m going through a valleys process too (moving from 2” in shows to 2’3” is not without it’s anxiety!) and that is super frustrating to me too! Like, what is going on here?? I’m struggling to control my frustration, and at horse shows, my show nerves.

This used to be effortless, and now? Well, we have good days and bad days. But I know we’re still learning together, and I suppose that is what is most important, at the end.

Oats was thirsty last night–it’s been getting really cold and his water has been freezing quite heavily. I saw broken chunks of ice and almost slipped on a chunk when I went to get him out of his pen (it is SO dark out I can barely see the horse when I ride). UGH hate winter riding.

One thing I am very thankful for? No winter horse for Oats. He is super quiet, chilled out and calm in winter. He doesn’t get super hyped up or crazy, like a lot of horses do when the temp drops to 0 deg or might even me -15 with windchill tonight.

Sidenote: (jesus!!! by the way it almost never freezes here and it’s getting that cold. eeek!)

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