Crafty crafts!

Had a lovely craft day on Friday with a colleague and her adorable black pug ‘Pearl’. Giget was a bit put out by the sudden appearance of Pearl, but no matter!

We made bath bombs in a variety of shapes (snowflakes, shells, leaf, small animals) in lavender scent (blue dye) and cucumber scent (green dye). It was a lot tougher than I remember. The salts kept cracking when I forced them out of the mold and we over-spritzed the mix to prevent this from happening–and then couldn’t get them out of the molds. I was hammering at them like crazy!

Haha, it was a lot easier when I made them years ago with my mom and sister. Oh well, we had some wine and dogs and a good time.

Then, Ian and I made up hot-chocolate mixes as gifts (something to eat instead of something to keep is the key to this Xmas!). I bought all my mixes and chips at Bulk Barn–love that place!

We did up a whole bunch of baggies of hot chocolate. Flavours included:

  • Silent Night Cider- cider mix with butterscotch chips
  • White Christmas Peppermint Hot Chocolate- peppermint hot chocolate with holiday coloured chips (red/white/green)
  • Feliz Navidad Aztec Spicy Hot Chocolate- spicy hot chocolate with greek yogurt chips

Yum yum yum!

I am also planning on making Christmas pretzels. 

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