Get Lucky!

Well, I’m currently running three-for-three right now. How, do you ask? Winning contests!!

Yes that’s right, girls in our family start the winning gene at 28, apparently.

So what did I all win? Well!…

I won a trip with Chevron to fly with the Whitecap soccer team with my husband to watch the Whitecaps play Montreal. It included Whitecaps gear (hat/scarf/jersey/zip-up/t-shirt), $1,000 in Chevron gas gift cards, the flight, hotel (Sheraton!), tickets to the game and $300 spending money and boy did we spend it FAST.

It was a total blast!!

And next? I won a Youth ATV from Canadian Tire!! It’s valued at around $2,000 and it’s pretty small. We picked it up last weekend and had a great time zipping around on it. We are selling, but if it’s not decent $$…I am keeping it!

And next? Well, I had a miserable week a few weeks ago, bad stuff going down and felt really down in the dumps. You know what the best cure for that is? Winning $5,000!!! Yes that’s right, courtesy of a contest hosted by Co-op and Dairyland, I won five grand.

Yes, my week REALLY improved after that, indeed!! And prompted some very serious, in-depth discussions at work about how much money is ‘screw-you’ money… Consensus is about $500,000. Hm..

I’m on a lucky streak! Winning is in my blood!

My mom is incredibly lucky. So far she has won:

  • La-z-boy home furnishing home makeover- valued at $20,000
  • Home chef dinner party for 10 people- valued at $5,000
  • Trip to San Fran
  • Trip to Hawaii
  • Trip to Victoria- funny(horrible) story about that but it was originally a trip to Argentina that she filled out wrong, so she had won it, and then they figured out she’d filled out the wrong drop- box. AHH!!!
  • Ski trip to Silver Star

And countless smaller winnings- gift cards to grocery stores/hmv/ticketmaster/VISA.

What can I say? It’s in our blood! And my sister is currently on a trip (Air Canada cruise) that she won. Isn’t that nuts! 

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