Spooky Season

Not for horses though! I really like Halloween, the culture, the history, everything.

I think it helps that I particularly enjoy horror movies, and have the fondest memories of going to Saunders Farm haunted hayrides in Muenster’s Hamlet, ON, when I was a kid. But nothing golden stays, does it? My parents say Saunders Farm has gotten insanely crowded, and expensive. The waits stretch beyond hours, and it’s generally jam-packed. Nothing like how I remember it, the spooky cornfields, the chainsaw-wielding end to the haunted hayride, shoot outs with the Hatfields and McCoys, the alien landing in the hay field, the barn with the roof that ‘falls’ on you…Ah, good times.

There are corn mazes here, but nothing to match the glory days of Saunders Farms. 

I also have a surprisingly busy Halloween- starting with today, my dear husband’s birthday, and a big dinner night for our friends.

We’re hosting a Mexican-themed dinner night (el Dia de los Muertos!) for his and our other friend Jared’s birthday.

Then, Ian’s friends party on Saturday for Halloween (yes, early).

THEN, a barn bonfire and potluck on Sunday night (I am bringing scary cupcakes).

THEN, another party next Friday. 

AND we still have to carve a pumpkin and dress up the animals, and go to the haunted corn maze! 

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