Oats, Oats and more Oats!

Happily, I have been riding a lot, even though my showing season is winding down/is pretty much done. Oats and I have been working on some solid flatwork, with leg yielding and canter departs being our main focus. Since Oats is a fuzzy beast who is growing in his winter fur coat, he has also been sweating up a storm too! Poor pony.

He also has had some eye boogers the past few days, so I have been irrigating his eye with eye drops. Ask me how much a pony likes getting his eye ‘eye droppered’…Not a lot. Ugh!

Oats also had to be brave during a rare thunderstorm, upon which he also had a farrier trim appointment. Fun times! He was a bit insecure (nibbling at the lead rope, clanking crossties, fidgeting, being a pest) but to be fair, horses aren’t always good during thunder and it’s so unusual to hear it here.

I even went to ride, and felt like…nah. Oats was being pretty good and very understanding, but I also felt like I wasn’t in the mood to escalate or pick a fight. Sometimes, I do go out riding with the intention of picking a fight, and then I feel miserable about it…And it stops now. So, I hopped off early, and let things ‘be’. And I was much happier for it!

That kind of attention paid off, because Oats was really good Sat/Sun, with only one big spook Sunday when I was cooling him out, and he thought he could take advantage of me. I guess you’re not *that* tired then eh Oats!!! Bratty!

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