Dance Yourself Clean

AH, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Let’s recap. No new clothes (due to driving to & from work everyday.) Work was a nightmare, but as of t-3 days….It’s all going up up up! That’s right, in three days I will be taking some holiday time. Time to do what, you ask?

  • Go to Rifflandia for a few days (Courtney Love, LCD Soundsystem, Matt & Kim!!)
  • Go to Seattle
  • Fly to Montreal with the Whitecaps, as part of a prize I just won!

Yes, it’s going to be a busy holiday, as always! I can’t wait!! I am missing out on the last few horseshows of the season, but I feel pretty good leaving it on show #7, that’s quite a few shows and I feel really good about how this season and summer went. Oats and I are stronger than ever and I’m loving how our partnership has grown. We haven’t gotten championship ribbons, but we are putting in fairly good performances and I’m taking away great things from each new outing. You can’t put a place on that, now can you!

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