Current finds…This has been a good summer!

I ended up ditching the Holt Renfrew men’s sweater–had too many holes and I accidentally stained the shit out of it with bleach (was bleaching a friend’s white-white saddlepad furiously and bleached everything else with it!).

No matter, I have still found lots of great stuff. This weekend, in my hot little hands:

  • Bluenotes t-shirt red with black birds, very cool
  • Big zip-up sherpa style hoodie, very warm
  • Grey and white striped tank top
  • Grey scoop-neck t-shirt
  • Bluenotes yellow tank top (with a pocket on the chest). Already wore it to ride in.
  • A few other t-shirts that I put in my ‘to donate’ pile
  • A fun tribal crop-top
  • A grey tank top with silver sequins down the front
  • A very interesting/weird zip-up shirtdress/hoodie thing? Will be either really weird or really awesome to wear. Will wash soon & let you know!
  • A peasant-gypsy yellow top
  • A 70’s patterned stretchy top (not sure yet if keep or donate).

These items came from all different sources– the free area in my apartment, sidewalks in my neighbourhood (the 70’s top was in a crib someone was getting rid of??) and in Fernwood, which was giving away tons of stuff. Love that area!

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