Something new- Men’s clothing!

Yes this is new, because I pretty much never find mens clothing. I have found a pretty nice Hurley t-shirt for Ian, and Penguin Brand button-down sweater, and yesterday a really nice men’s Holt Renfrew cashmere crew-neck sweater!

Nice eh! I’m glad I picked it up when I did because this morning all of the clothes in the pile were gone–and I can’t blame ’em, they were quite nice clothes. A little more ‘out there’ than Ian normally wears (a sweater track jacket thing with a crown and Royal insignia…left that one). So I just picked up the one sweater and man, did it feel amazing. If it isn’t cashmere, it’s a pretty damn good imitation of it…

Mens clothing very rarely gets left. I remember picking up a bag of it, figuring nobody would pick it up so I ended up leaving it and damn, it was gone within the night! Lesson learned for me- free clothes are a competitive sport haha. Particularly the rarified mens clothes, which so seldom are left in free piles.

Where do I find these? In my neighbourhood, on my way to and from work, and when I walk the dog. Since I’m always roaming around, my law of averages to pick up good clothes increases exponentially. And a dog is always good camouflage…


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