And even more clothes!

Yep summer truly is a great time. It helps that we just had a 32-day streak of sunny days, not a single bit of rain save for a downpour today! This makes finding clothes much easier- and less risky/gross.

Let’s recap what I’ve found recently…A sundress in a cute red & yellow print that says ‘Hawaii’ all over it, a black and white striped off the shoulder t-shirt, a puffy vest (white), a sweater short-sleeved zip-up with a chunky collar, a GAP 3/4 length grey striped t-shirt and a dress (but it’s a L so it is going for the Sally Anns).

I also got a pair of Esprit khakis in navy blue or black, but they were a titch too small- fit ok but kind of on the tight side for khakis, you know? So they go in the pile for Sally Anns too.

AND…Last week I picked up a black and white striped rugby sweater (which may have been a boys, but is so shrunken that it fit me, it’s cute in a really retro way) and a pair of Airwalk fuzzy zip-up boots that have laces on them. Look brand new! Size 5 which surprisingly fit nicely. Score! I also (strangely) picked up some Jell-o moulds for Easter which would make quite nice bath bombs, and a bizarre oil-lamp liquid candle thing. I am tempted to burn it but also very wary of burning my house down by accident, it’s quite a strange looking candle-wick type deal.

I also missed out yesterday by literally 1 minute–a girl walking ahead of me snaked a bunch of awesome clothes on the path just ahead of me. Boo hoo! Hahah. What a bummer! Some of the clothes looked really cute too…a flouncy skirt, and some tops. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I’m just surprised at what a consistent summer we’ve been having.

I’m just looking forward to what’s coming up ahead! And not just what I find on my walk too…


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