Valleys and Peaks

Oats and I have been riding high lately (peaks) culimating in a fairly fun and succesful show season. Until…I noticed another rider getting championship ribbons, and my competitive streak has reared it’s head once again. And the ribbon was really pretty! Turquoise blue, nice big rosettes…Sigh. I asked my coach–so we’re in the show ring regularly now, so how do I start getting those lovely championship ribbons? (Nevermind I totally ate dirt last time..isolated incident!)

She said a few things–mainly we need to move up a level o/f because we are probably getting a little too comfortable doing 2”. A forest for the trees scenario.

Also, we need to majorly control our straightness. Our transitions, particularly in canter, are so crooked and it’s killing our landing on the right lead and the flying lead changes that are supposed to be happening…aren’t. Or are only happening in the front. Oops! So that is what is keeping us from being in the top rankings.

And so we enter our valley period. And coming down from on high is a spectacularly humbling experience. All of a sudden, I can’t pick up the friggin’ canter to save my life! Our transitions are horrible rushy awkward experiences, I feel frustrated and bouncy. Our jumps aren’t straight and horror of horrors, I am having to trot fences…Which I normally hate doing.

Ouch. It’s a real steep learning curve for both of us, after a particularly awkward lesson in which everything felt, so UGLY. Haha

Oh don’t lie do they? And I’ve started jumping ahead, again. Damn. It didn’t even feel like I was doing it!

So we’re taking July to climb out of our valley and once again start the trek back up to another peak. I know we can do it!


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