The further adventures of Mr. Oats! Part II



Had another hunter show this weekend, and I was hoping for big things. Well, maybe not all first-place ribbons, but hoping to further develop on our great courses and havea  fun time! So, I did have a fun time, but our division was run 2 hours later (arghh), and Oats seems to thrive on chaos, so the quiet staging area we settled in had him pawing and restless. He was bored, I was hot and tired. They were also running a big jumper derby next to our humble hunter ring, so I frequently took Oats over to watch (he loved it, he loves watching people be busy).

We warmed up a few times- sooo hot and tired. I forgot my show jacket too. EEeek. Oats was great, listening, not bending fabulously but totally agreeable. Our hunter warmup was great, and into the ring! Courses rode wonderfully, we rocked diagonal lines and I was feeling super good about it. We did have to trot our simple changes, but I could get him down and pick him back up. Yeah!!

Yeah..I got cocky and tired. Going into our last eq.course, I got distracted, and reverted back to my old bad habit–jumping up my pony’s neck. I saw a long spot, he saw..? Something? And he hesitated, then jumped and I got bounced right off, and landed flat on my face. After spitting out sand, I got up and I was fine. Dear Oats was just standing there, like…What gives, mom?

What a dumb mistake! And Oats is such an honest pony, haha. I have been warned this bad habit that creeps up will catch up to us one day, and I can’t believe he still jumped the jump with me on his neck!

So anyways, I’m rubbing sand out of my eyes and have it all down my breeches, stuck in my belt, everywhere. Oats is fairly surprised to be done so abruptly, and for once it is not his fault in the slightest!

We did place 3rd and 4th in our other classes, happily. Oats was a champ. A friend of his former owner recognized him and was surprised to see him doing so well. She asked if he was still the devil pony she remembered him to be, and I was pleased to say that he has been a superstar, and how happy I have been with him. She watched our over fences classes and said he looked great! And then I ate dirt. Oh, hubris…

Month off from horse shows for us–Oats gets a much-needed break, and I get time to go on a holiday, enjoy some music festival and celebrate my birthday. Yay!

I’m happy to say Oats has exceeded my expectations this season, after attending 5 horse shows and placing at ALL the shows. Go Oats go!

Actually I can’t even remember what our placings lately have been, except for our 1st places in Dressage, and more recently, 3rd and 4th hunter o/f.

Next up in August…Sarah and Oats revisit the dressage arena. Will he remember how it goes? Will he find the arena as spooky as last time?  Only time will tell!

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