The further adventures of Mr. Oats!

Or should I be calling him by his show name, Honey Bunches of Oats? Because we have been rocking horse shows this season! My primary goal this year is to get out to as many shows as I can, and come home happy. Yes happy! No more getting bucked off during a jumping round, or having him flip his lid and self-excuse us from a flat class. Happy means happy.

So far this year, we have been to four horse shows. Three hunter shows and one dressage. And you know what? I AM happy! Very pleased with my little guy, who started off the season tense but do-able, and has only gotten better to ride. Now, that doesn’t mean we are getting first place ribbons right-left-and centre, (haha, yeah, no.) And that doesn’t mean he has been perfect at every show–that’s not realistic. What I have been noticing is when my goal isn’t necessarily competition, but fun, I take a lot of pressure off performing. We aren’t polished enough yet for the big ribbons, but we’re placing and having fun doing it!

So far, we have placed 2nd and 5th at our first hunter show (Westside), 5th,5th, 6th at our second hunter show (Appy), 1st and 1st at our first dressage show (SSC), and 4th, 6th, 6th, at our third hunter show (Appy). You know what? I’m having a blast!!

Oats was his most relaxed EVER at our show this past Sunday. And my own personal goal of not scratching any classes was also achieved–that’s right, I did 4 jumping classes, had fun, and didn’t scratch any of them! It’s kind of a running joke that I will scratch out of at least 1 of my classes at each show….I get too amped up, run out of steam and decide to scratch. Not so! Oh and we also entered the 2’3” class, as well as the 2” and I didn’t even notice there was a height difference…Haha.

Our upcoming goals? Taking July off for vacations/non-horse time, so Oats gets time off and so do I. Plus there’s only 1 show I would have ridden in anyways, and I’m out of the province at that time. Sooo…We’ll see what Aug/Sept has in store. But I’m super pleased and very happy with how our season has been going. Here’s to having a good time!!

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