Near free– Or, the next best thing!

I have a TON of free clothes, but I also love shopping. Which costs lots and lots of $$$…Enter thrift shopping! Yes, do it, but choose your thrift shops wisely. For example, Value Village does excellent 50% off days (when everyone and their grandmother will come), but I would recommend avoiding Salvation Army for most things, as they are way overpriced.

St. Vincent de Paul’s can be either really scabby or the source of some hidden gems. For example, I was reminded today of a waffle iron my mom bought from them in Sidney about 5 years ago..for the grand, princely sum of $.10–yes, that’s a whole ten cents. And we cleaned it up, and still use it to this day! Fab!

I also liked buying clothes at Liquidation World back when they had better deals than way expired salsa and chips. In Whitehorse, LW was one of the only places you could find some interesting designers (Fidele, Matt & Nat, Suzy Shier, American Eagle, Kenzie) and name brand stuff at ridiculously good prices. You did have to be careful though, as some of the clothes were seriously damaged/busted. So, buyer beware- but I came out with some really great stuff, like a full-length velvet blue zip up winter jacket for $12, a wool full-length zip up jacket for $12, and countless other fun styles, like a short-sleeved black velvet blazer for $12 too.

OH and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges when they were changing the style of the packaging- I bought like, 16 of them for .37 cents each! YEEHAW

It took some thrifty doing, but I managed to continue to grow my wardrobe and outfit styles even while living in the Great White North. Don’t turn up your nose at near-free or thrift–it’s a nice way to explore different styles/cuts of fabric while keeping a close eye on your budget.


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