Hunger Strike


We went away for the long weekend, just a quick trip, so we had to leave our dear Buster Bunny at home, and dog went to visit the in-laws farm. And what does Buster do, to show us his displeasure at being left behind for the weekend? Why, a hunger strike!

Yes, Buster has discovered the ultimate animal trump card–voluntarily starving himself. He is no stranger to this, having done it on and off over the past few years to protest the pellets he gets (now only extruded, having dismissed an entire 10-lb bag of regular pellets for so long I was worried he was going to starve to death!)…And periodically he goes on hunger strikes.

And it drives me absolutely crazy. This rabbit…Is the cleanest, most aloof rabbit ever. He is extremely fastidious, hates most people and the dog, tolerates me. BUT continues to go on food strikes. He will gobble down everything in his food dish one day, and then refuse to eat on and off for a month. What to do? He is a cute little fuzz…But still.


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