The ugly face of beauty

After reading a lot about the wedding industry, and hearing the unpleasant experience a friend had at a local wedding dress shop, I have decided to dedicate this blog post to a special rant about wedding dresses.

First off: The wedding dress boutiques that you have to make appointments for. Why?! Oh, wait, it’s to make their boutique look extra-special, isn’t it? And then when they say they frown upon making multiple appointments with them… The hell?

Secondly: Wedding dresses themselves. Ugh. Poufy confections made of heavily layered polyester (only the finest~) puh-leeze. I tried on several wedding dresses when I was engaged and hated pretty much ALL of them.Yuck. So heavy, so clunky, so awful. Even the ones that looked pretty nice were horrible to wear. Oh, and the stores recommended ordering the dress 11 MONTHS in advance?! Huh? I didn’t even plan my wedding until like 2 weeks out (not recommended. it was kind of a nightmare). I don’t want my dress to be able to stand up by itself, thank you very much! And don’t get me started on the sample sizing…I had to have every dress pinned to me, because it would have fallen straight off. They weighed like 30lbs, and white? Cream? Boring boring boring! My dress, made by my mom, was pink silk, thank you very much, wedding industry brainwashers. Pfft. And I did not take my husbands name either, sooo take that.

Thirdly: This related to the wedding dress. I cannot stand the wedding industry itself. Like any money-grubbing cottage industry (see: clothing and accessories for purse-dogs, babies, yoga, horses), the wedding industry, like the reality TV-term, Bridezilla, has taken on a life of it’s own. And it is monstrous.

To conclude: Weddings are getting kind of out of control, wedding dresses are mostly horrible, and I only enjoy going to weddings as a guest, thank you very much.

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