Accessories- Yes Yes Yes

As I mentioned earlier, I normally find clothes, sometimes footwear, for free. Dare I neglect accessories? For shame!

I have been really lucky–I have found a really sweet hipster scarf at a hipster garage sale (they got lazy and had a great free box that I raided), other thin scarves in black and white, and polka-dots, belts- thin skinny belts from the ’80’s, nail polish, GAP perfume, though I threw out the Dream scent, ughh it was horrible… Cheap costume jewelry, after digging through it, I gave some to my mom and sister, and my mom took the really ‘out-there’ kiddy jewelry for her school kids to play with.

In short, I have been really lucky with the accessories side of things. And why pay for it? (Almost wrote ‘pay more’ but let’s be real here, we’re not paying anything!!).


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