Redneck neighbours–hazards & other annoyances

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, I had the misfortune to live near neighbours who I charitably called ‘rednecks.’ This was for a few very good reasons”

  • Loud parties (neon themed, “redneck” themed??, 80’s themed, Mexican themed.
  • Loud parties that ended with the cops being called.
  • Loud parties that ended up with screaming/yelling/fist-fights at 3-4am
  • Cow horns stuck in the wrought-iron grilles of the patio
  • Garbage. EVERYWHERE
  • Dogs. At least two, always roaming
  • A ‘fridge, a boat and god knows what other garbage, at all times
  • Ugly cars/trucks

They moved out, but not without leaving piles and piles of crap everywhere. When they moved out, funny enough, the creepy staring dude came back. Benefit?

*Creepy staring dude was this guy who wore a kerchief on his head, track pants and a hoodie and stood on the sidewalk staring. Not doing anything, like smoking. Just staring. He has scared off my friends before (who is that creepy guy standing on the sidewalk?). Turns out rednecks are his natural kryptonite, and he got scared off for almost a year by them.They’re gone, and now he is back, standing on the sidewalk staring creepily at everyone who walks or DRIVES by. My husband says he is just lonely, but I think it’s a kind of Ed Gein lonely…


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