Location, location, location

My free clothing bonanaza didn’t just happen. As my headline mentions, it is all about location. It first started when I was living up North, when I was beyond pleased to learn about such things called ‘free stores’ that people leave things (junk) they don’t want for other vultures such as myself and some hippies to scavenge from. They are pretty sweet. I got ice skates, xmas lights, books, and was pretty happy with that. But I had to up the ante—a new event to me, ”clothing swaps” another hippie-type event but ok for hipsters too–bring a garbage bag full of your old clothes (clean!!!) and spread them out on the floor, for everyone to jump into and snatch’n’grab the best stuff. I made out LIKE A BANDIT at these various raids, and we donated everything that was left to social services. I think they ended up with some interesting see-through camisoles a girl brought that her mother -in-law had bought in some sort of bizarre misguided attempt to buy ‘sexy’ clothes…yick!

So, I started on this path quite innocuously…


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